Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kim Richey -- On Tour 2006

I received an email that Kim was touring in Pittsburgh a mere two days before her sold-out show at Club Cafe on Pittsburgh's South Side. I called Theresa (the fabulous girl) and bought tickets within the hour. I think it sold out moments after I got mine. Club Cafe only holds about 200 people and it was filled with folks that I've seen many times before at Kim Richey shows which was nice. It felt warm and accomodating for Kim and that's important because she thrives on people that know her worth.

I wasn't sure if she was traveling with a band or acoustic ... no matter ... it was sure to be a rare treat of stage performance and interlaced commentary about what's been happening in Kim's life. She loves to interact with the audience and this was no exception. (Not much information about her mother this time though)

Her Kim Richey web site is down (BOO HISS). You'll have to travel to MySpace to get the latest which is sparse. She has a little red book that she's traveling with where she asks for people's emails. Let's hope we get some more information in the future. At one point in the show, she alluded to the fact that she hadn't sent out a newsletter in over a year. I heckled her a bit with "we KNOW!" That made her laugh out loud which is such a sweet sound from Kim. Her house in Nashville is on the market if you're interested -- she's taking bids on that too.

Kim is such a gracious and talented woman. She's touring with Jesse (no mention of his last name or if she did mention it, was swept away by her next song), a guy she met at songwriting camp a few years ago. He doesn't know the song list (at least, not for the first few stops on this tour) and ran upstairs to grab Kim's coveted "red book" filled with fan information on her request (and a beer) which turned into a rather funny moment. Kim sidebarred "Jesse isn't really working out," as we awaited his return. Badump bump. Evidently, they wrote a few booze-soaked songs together at camp that neither one can recall.

Her vocals were so amazing halfway through the show that it, quite literally, took my breath away. This woman CAN sing with raw emotion and lilting high notes that are SPOT ON! Highlights of the show included an audience sing-along to "I'm Alright" from Bittersweet and "Didn't I" from Glimmer.

She sticks around to kabitz with the fans and sign autographs after the shows which is always nice. A couple in front of me talked to her for 10 minutes before I got to thank her for continuing to play Pittsburgh. The guy after me was greeted with a huge "it's soooo good to seeeee you" and a bear hug and another autographed poster/CD to add to his complete collection. These are some dedicated fans. Rightfully so.

As I've said before, catch her live. She puts on an intimate, unforgettable show, if you enjoy laid back intelligent "girl-jilted" songs. Kim ... my hat's off to you, lady! Great show!


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