Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Pretenders -- Pirate Radio

Released in March, 2006, this sprawling 81-cut CD (with bonus DVD of 19 songs) features every song a Pretenders' lover could conjure up. I don't own it; not yet. Chrissie Hynde's is an artist whose voice immediately conjures a strong falsetto embraced by rock driven alto-istic flats. If one could successfully submerge an opera singer into a glass of stout, you'd find Chrissie's voice. That, and a timbering drawl honed during her days of growing up in Ohio (no offense).

I almost landed a gig fronting a college band with my rendition of "Back on the Chain Gang" so Chrissie will always rank high in my book. It was college music to me in those days and so rife with life that I couldn't overlook the political undertones of the fresh new sound. When I hear her today, I'm transported to those days and yet recognizant of today's innuendo. It's timeless music and from the heart.

And so, when I received an email today from the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust that advertised The Pretenders coming to town, I looked at it for several moments before the news actually sunk in enough for me to squeel with delight! What a musical transcendental experience I have ahead of me this summer!

Not only do I get to see all of the artists posted in my last post for free at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, the Austin City Limits Music Festival line-up (we booked our airline and hotel accomodations Sunday), Aimee Mann, and Ray LaMontagne ... but ... I get to see The Pretenders in a fabulous venue! I'm in musical heaven (or should that be backwards which is the most popular baby name these days ... neveah?) to be sure.

Not to be outdone ... tonight's order from Amazon.com. It's been a while since I placed a huge order from Amazon and tonight made up for it. Does anyone know of a cheaper place to buy with the same selection? Oh, universal musical fund spirits, please tell me.

Slated for delicious Amazon delivery this week: "Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lake State" Sufjan Stevens; "Graceland" Paul Simon; "Illinoise" Sufjan Stevens; "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood" Neko Case; "Eye To The Telescope" KT Tunstall; "You Don't Know Me: The Songs of Cindy Walker" Willie Nelson; and "I'm Not Dead" Pink.

I figured I'd work my way through Sufjan's state-to-state tribute in order (he started with Michigan and his second effort is Illinois) so I had to order both CD's. *shrug*

Sometimes you have to adhere to the natural law of creation, creationists aside. Did you read about the astounding recent discoveries of the biblical creatures? Some still alive and some just bones? Makes me wonder what auditory discoveries some will make 200 years from now and which will stand out as indicative of our culture. I've got to think The Pretenders will stand out. Which bands/artists would you nominate to be indicative of our culture 200 years from now?

Now, that, is a question to ponder.


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